Digital media training for Kenneth Gardens residents

Niall McNulty will be running a digital media workshop for Kenneth Gardens residents tomorrow, as part of the Kenneth Gardens Online project, a digital community archive of the housing estate. Together with Thula Zungu, he will be providing training on oral history methodology, digital media production, basic information literacy and online publishing. The project holds […]

Europa Film Archives

This is an interesting archive.  Free access to dozens of rare cinematic treasures from various European film archives and libraries in full screen mode. Collection includes various obscure animated films, erotic saucy shorts, documentaries, industrial experimental and more from 1895 – the present. Archive is is vast and includes items like a 1908 tram tour of Barcelona, […]

ccrri Archive

We have been working with the Centre for Critical Research on Race and Identity for the past few months, digitizing (with the help of DISA) their archive of news-clippings, to make them available online in an easy to use and searchable database.  We are happy to announce that a Beta version of the website is […]

Online Archives

As the use of digital media to create online archival spaces increases, it is interesting to note some of the themes that are being dealt with. While an overarching theme of memory and remembering is apparent, here are a few unrelated examples that use ‘archive’ in very different ways. Alaska’s Digital Archives presents “a wealth […]