Managing documents with Omeka

Earlier on in the year we started a project which involves digitizing and making available online a large number of newspaper clippings.  We had originally looked at Greenstone for the collections management software but it seemed too clunky for what we needed.  Likewise Drupal wasn’t ideal as it needed a fair bit of customization in […]

Digital Namibian Archive

Its great to see other Southern African countries, in this case Namibia,  focusing their resources on the preservation of digital heritage.  Indigenous knowledge and oral histories are in danger of dying out with the practitioners who hold this information, while digital preservation in itself opens up possibilities of skills development in areas central to the […]

Using Omeka

We are currently involved in a project which involves digitising a collection of newspaper clipping and then making them available (and usable) for research online.  We are exporting the scanned articles as PDFs and then using the open source collections management software Omeka, developed by the Centre for History and New Media, to organise and […]

Archives in Web 2.0: New Opportunities

Archives are using Web 2.0 applications in a context that allows for new types of interaction, new opportunities regarding institutional promotion, new ways of providing their services and making their heritage known to the community. Applications such as Facebook (online social network), Flickr (online image-sharing community) and YouTube (online video sharing community) are already used […]