iAfrika is a project that provides access to locally relevant cultural information in African languages. It is based on our theory of change.

The Ulwazi Programme is a local language, local content project of the eThekwini Municipality in Durban. It records and shares aspects of local history and culture in Zulu and in English.


The Five Hundred Year Archive is a multi-institutional, cross-disciplinary project. It focuses on bringing together materials relevant to the southern African past before European colonialism, often referred to as precolonial history.

Amandla: the Liberation Heritage Route of Durban was a project that celebrated Durban sites, individuals and organisations of South Africa’s struggle for freedom and democracy. 

The Cape Town Museum is explores and reflects on Cape Town as a dynamic network of people, processes and natural and man-made features.


The !Khwa ttu Digital Archive is a community platform for San people to tell their stories in their own ways. It is an online space for upholding, exploring and celebrating San heritage.


Articles and Book Chapters

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Available HERE.

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Details of the publication available HERE.

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Details of the publication available HERE.

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Details of the publication available HERE.

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Details of the publication available HERE.

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Available HERE.

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See a summary in poster form HERE.


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Available HERE

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Available HERE.

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Available HERE.

Special Projects

KZN Literary Trails

Memories of Inanda

Memories of Inanda‘ Oral History Interview Series