The Number in my Pocket: the Power of Mobile Technology for the Exchange of Indigenous Knowledge

Niall McNulty and Ulwazi project leader Betsie Greyling presented a poster at the The Third International m-libraries Conference ( in Brisbane, Australia recently.  The poster outlined the Ulwazi Programme’s plans for developing a system to collect indigenous knowledge via mobiles phones in the eThekwini Municipality. View the poster … Read the abstract …

Taking control of the medium

A core component of the Ulwazi Programme, which uses volunteer field-workers to collect indigenous knowledge and local history from their own communities, is the transference of digital skills.  Many field-workers arrive at the Programme offices with limited ICT skills – some never having worked on a computer before – and we conduct a series of […]

Ulwazi goes mobile

A mobile digital revolution is sweeping Africa (read more on it here) and the Ulwazi Programme has recognised this.  If the knowledge and stories they collect are to be relevant to the communities they serve, then this information needs to be accessible through mobile phones. Working with designer Dom Strauss, we have developed a mobile […]