Grant submits his PhD!

grant mcn

Grant has submitted his PhD thesis entitled, “Custodianship on the Periphery: Archives, Power and Identity Politics in Post-Apartheid Umbumbulu, KwaZulu-Natal”. The research was carried out under the supervision of Professor Carolyn Hamilton, with a registration at the Social Anthropology Department at the University of Cape Town and under the auspices of the Archive and Public Research Initiative. The thesis is now under review and will be examined in the coming months.

Through the completion of the thesis, Grant has gained insight into the transformation of museums and heritage institutions in South Africa, as well as the multitude ways in which everyday people in a variety of contexts in contemporary KwaZulu-Natal, and arguably elsewhere, are managing and mobilising the past.

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  1. Thanks all! I am still waiting for the examiners’ reports but it is a relief to have it handed in. Cheers, Grant

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