Digital Memory Toolkit

With funding from the Goethe Institut, we were able to develop a practical resource for those wishing to set up digital memory projects. The Digital Memory Toolkit aims to address a lack of digital literacy in community memory projects by giving project teams the insight and tools necessary to develop these types of projects. Projects of this nature commonly focus on preserving and sharing local knowledge and empowering community members through skills training and engagement.

Digital Memory ToolkitThis digital toolkit therefore takes the form of an introductory training manual that serves as a knowledge resource, providing information on how to set up a digital memory project, including sections on project planning and management, which software to use, training, oral history methodology and digital resource management. The sections in this toolkit provide information for African NGOs, libraries, archives, museums and schools to initiate and run their own digital memory projects, using free, open-source technology and community volunteers. It is available for free HERE (Google Books), Kindle edition HERE for $3 (nothing can be made free on Amazon it seems) and under Resources HERE.

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