Potential for digital heritage

I recently published a blog post on the Archival Platform on the democratising potential of new digital technologies. This was in part a response to the recent workshop on the draft National Policy on the Digitisation of Heritage Resources. The draft policy focuses on institutional issues relating to the digitisation of heritage resources. While these […]

Report on skills in archives and library sector

A draft report entitled ‘The demand for and supply of skills in library and information services, archival services and records management’ in South Africa, has been made available online by the Department of Arts and Culture.  A final report will be submitted by the end of March 2010. Excerpts at Archival Platform …

Archival Happenings

Recent events in Cape Town suggest that debates surrounding archives (in the broadest sense) and their significance in a South African context are alive and well. The first was the quarterly workshop of the Archives and Public Culture Research Initiative, held at UCT from 9th-11th November. Various academics from a broad range of disciplines (including […]

Archival Platform: Launch & Guest Blog

The Archival Platform launches in Cape Town today. Archives in South Africa are currently underfunded and understaffed, putting valuable documents at risk. Museums and heritage sites are often still perceived by the public as being part of the old apartheid order, and transforming the sector has not been as easy as we thought in 1994. […]