Goethe-Institut invites experts to SCECSAL conference

Niall McNulty

Niall McNulty has been invited to present a workshop on ‘Libraries as Community Memory’ in Nairobi, Kenya. This forms part of the SCECSAL Conference taking place next week.

The 20th conference of SCECSAL, the umbrella organisation for library associations in East, Central and Southern Africa, takes place between 4 and 8 June 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. The core theme is “Information for Sustainable Development in a Digital Environment” – a crucial topic for library experts aiming at creating or improving digital services for their users.

The Goethe-Institut in sub-Saharan Africa promotes the exchange of information professionals on the continent, thus strengthening the profession and the performance of libraries. To this end, the Goethe-Institut has facilitated the participation of six information experts as presenters at the conference. They hail from five different countries: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania and in their presentations, they will cover topics such as:

  • Open Access and Institutional Repositories
  • Digital Preservation
  • Electronic Record Management Systems
  • Building an indigenous digital library

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