Yoza Cellphone Stories

This is a really interesting project, using cellphone technology (MXit, Wap) to get kids reading and writing.  Yoza publishes a series of m-novels or short stories through their website that you can read (for free) on your cellphone.  Each main story is broken up into a series of chapters, which are published daily.  You can leave comments on the chapters and enter writing competitions (and win airtime – no doubt a good incentive!).  Users can also submit their own short story for publication on the site.

Wonder how many submissions and readers they are getting and whether it is beneficial being solely mobile-focused?  My experience, from the few mobile platforms we have developed for projects, is that we currently get about 5% of traffic from mobile devices.

Check them out at www.yoza.mobi.

Yoza Classics (and out of copyright)
Yoza Classics (and out of copyright)

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