The Final Report of the Ulwazi Schools Project

With funding from the Goethe Institut, the Ulwazi Programme was rolled out to township and rural schools in a bid to create opportunities to enhance ICT skills among the youth and generate interest in their own history and culture. The School’s project was run at four township and rural schools – two schools during the second semester of 2011 and two schools during the first semester 2012. The pilot project was run with a practical task-based section and an online e-learning component.

Schools Project Awards Ceremony
Schools Project Awards Ceremony

Task-based section

In a change from the first half of the project, both mentors worked with a group of 10 students, from one school at a time. They introduced the programme, showed students how the website works, provided training on interviewing and story-writing and mentorship to the students with regards to their story-writing. Working with the teacher responsible for this project, the mentor also set weekly themes for story collection (e.g. the story of my family, the area I grew up in, etc.) and helped mark the stories.

Online e-learning section 

Students loaded their own stories and images onto the Ulwazi Programme website and learnt to assign appropriate categories to them. They also completed an online test at the end of the eight weeks, with questions set that required the student to use the Ulwazi website to answer. There were also a number of questions on the ICT skills that students picked up through the programme.

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