Teaching Digital Heritage (and a little bit of Internet Activism)

This semester I have been co-teaching two courses at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  The first is through the programme of English Studies and looks at the development of heritage resources, using the example of the KZN Literary Tourism project.  We deal with the development of writers trails, the research and writing of the author profiles, and look closely at the website and related digital heritage resources.

The second course is News Media in the Internet Society (Internet Studies department) and my section looks at environmental activism and social media, in particular blogging and micro-blogging.  Using real world examples, such as our award-winning green blog Sprig and Charity Water, I chart the effectiveness of new media in promoting awareness and instigating change.  For the duration of my section of the course, the students manage their own website (https://internetstudies.ukzn.ac.za/newsmedia/) where they will be publishing their assignments.

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