Seminar on the Preservation and Promotion of Audiovisual Cultural Heritage in France and South Africa

Niall McNulty has been invited to present at a seminar in Cape Town organised as part of the France and South Africa Reciprocal Seasons 2012/2013.

Changes in the media and cultural landscape, as well as new demands and expectations from academics, researchers, and the general public alike, challenge traditional missions of audiovisual archives.

The main purpose of this seminar will be to raise the interest of local actors in the different steps of setting up a preservation and digitisation plan. The program will offer key players in the sector an opportunity to develop professional, commercial, cultural and educational uses of archives and reinforce knowledge and techniques related to the archiving policy of television and film collections.

Discussions and workshops in the seminar will address questions such as: How to develop a professional, efficient digitisation/preservation workflow (with limited staff and resources)? How to source project funding? How to best present collections to the public and to potential funding holders?

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