Five Hundred Years Online

The Archive & Public Culture Research Initiative has just launched the first phase of a promising new project, the Five Hundred Year Archive. This project builds on a resurgence of research interest in the history of Southern Africa in the five-hundred-year period before the advent of colonialism, manifest most notably in the recent work of […]

Digital Libraries at IST-Africa

Niall McNulty has recently returned from a trip to Kenya, where he presented at the IST-Africa Conference on the Ulwazi Programme, a digital library initiative he has managed for the past five years. The project uses the public library infrastructure, the local community and social web technologies to collect and disseminate indigenous knowledge and local histories. […]

Special Issue of South African Historical Journal

A recent special edition of the South African Historical Journal brings to life the shifting contexts and varied social imperatives out of which archives are initiated and sustained. This just-published special focus on Archive put together by NRF Chair, Carolyn Hamilton, showcases five papers by Archive & Public Culture research associates and is available online at: Hamilton’s overview […]

2013: The Year for SoLoMo in South Africa?

SoLoMo is a buzz-word that has been doing the rounds for the past couple of years but, according to some analysts, 2013 could be the year it takes off. For those unfamiliar with the term, SoLoMo is a contraction of Social, Local, and Mobile, referencing the convergence of social media, geo-location technology and mobile devices. There […]