The Ulwazi Programme

We developed the Ulwazi Programme for the eThekwini Municipality and continue to run the project in collaboration with the local history museums

The Ulwazi Programme is a digital project of the eThekwini Municipality in Durban. It is based on the idea that access to a digital knowledge resource of local relevance facilitates the growth of digital and information literacy skills, and the preservation of local knowledge. The global trend of using the Internet for the preservation and dissemination of information poses problems for the African information community, which, due to the lack of local, African content on the Internet, is at a major disadvantage in the current knowledge economy.

The Ulwazi Programme has been established to bridge this gap in the communities served by the eThekwini Municipality. The programme is based on a model in which an online and collaborative local knowledge resource is established as an integral part of local museums service. Community participation ensures the collection, recording, preservation and sharing of local knowledge in the local languages (such as English and Zulu), while the municipality focuses on custodianship of the information resource, providing database management and support.