Re-development of KZN Literary Tourism website

One of our major projects in the last quarter was the re-development of KZN Literary Tourism website.  We originally developed the website over four years ago and it was in need of a fresh look.  The software used to run the content-management system needed updating and a number of new technologies had been developed in the past few years that KZN Literary Tourism had yet to take advantage of.  Working with designers disturbance, we created a new template which tied in with the design of KZN Literary Tourism’s writers trails.

New design for KZN Literary Tourism
New design for KZN Literary Tourism

The website has an extensive database of KwaZulu-Natal authors, with biographical sketches, extracts from their works and bibliographies. In order to make this more accessible and to link the concept of writer and place more closely – a key aim of the project – we used Google Maps to create an interactive literary map of KZN.  The map has a series of markers, with each marker placed at a location associated with a specific author.  The markers, when clicked on, display an image of the author, a one line introduction and a link to the full profile.

interactive literary map of KZN.
Interactive literary map of KZN.

The project had developed a number of research resources over the years it had been in operation.  Key amongst these was a collection of literary documentaries, on writers associated with KZN.  Working with DISA, we digitized the videos and will be adding them to the website as podcasts over the next few months.

KZN Literary Tourism was also lacking any social media profiles, a key communication tool today.  We created a Facebook fanpage and Twitter account and linked them to the website, with new content propagating these profiles through the RSS feed.

KZN Literary Tourism on Twitter
KZN Literary Tourism on Twitter

All in all, a very successful re-development – using the latest technology and with a clean, clear design concept – resulting in a very happy client and a revitalized online presence for KZN Literary Tourism.

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