Hotel Yeoville

This is a pretty great project, using Web 2.0 and digital technologies to collect stories from the community, in this case Yeoville in Johannesburg.  Similar methodology to the Ulwazi Programme and also run through the public library but with different aims.  They are working with the refugee and migrant community while Ulwazi focuses on local history and indigenous knowledge in eThekwini.

From the Archival Platform:

The Hotel Yeoville is an internet based public art project aimed at building social networks and starting conversations about important public issues and events. It is located in the Yeoville Public Library and reflects the life stories of people who have fled wars, povery, economic decline and persecution in their home countries and who, on arrival in South Africa have experienced rejection and xenophobia. It provides an opportunity for people to tell their stories, map their journey across the continent and connect with others. As he curator, Terry Kurgan says, ” The project aims to address themes of migration, the use of idiosyncrasies of place and the threat of xenophobia by tapping ubto the vital role of the internet as a diasporic hub”.

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