ESAACH Website updated

We’ve recently updated the ESAACH website and encourage you to visit it (more on the project).

The online component of the project takes the form of a wiki.  The idea behind using this type of software is that members of the public – including but not limited to the academic and arts communities – can register accounts and submit or edit content that they may have expert or specialist knowledge of.  These submissions can then be used to develop entries in the printed version of the encyclopaedia or used as reference in the online encyclopaedia.  All content is freely available online, released under a Creative Commons licence.


The ESAACH database is populated with content from various projects and volunteer editors. Sometimes they don’t have access to all the information necessary to write a comprehensive article or else an entry would benefit from an image or better categorization. We encourage the internet community at large and particularly people working in the fileds of arts and culture to register an account through our wiki and help improve ESAACH by editing and adding to articles.

Here are a couple of guidelines on what could be improved in articles.

  1. The article needs more information.
  2. The article needs one or more images.
  3. The article needs captions to the images.
  4. The article is not correctly categorized.
  5. The article is incorrectly formatted.
  6. The article needs a new title.

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