DRUM Magazine at the Luthuli Museum

Two well-known academics Professor Keyan Tomaselli and Professor Raymond Suttner will open a special exhibition honouring the life of a former Drum magazine journalist GR Naidoo at the Luthuli Museum on June 18. The exhibition is entitled “GR Naidoo – a generous eye” and comes to the Luthuli Museum courtesy of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

G.R. Naidoo. (Copyright Bailey Archives. © BAHA)
G.R. Naidoo. (Copyright Bailey Archives. © BAHA)

GR Naidoo was born in Durban in 1928. He joined Drum magazine in 1954 where he worked as a photo-journalist and later covered the Treason Trial. He hosted former president Nelson Mandela at a dinner party in 1962 and is described as someone who lived “non-racialism”. Naidoo first met Chief Luthuli in 1952 when he was addressing a mass rally at “Red Square”, – now known as “Nicol Street Square” in Durban’s Central Business District.

Professor Tomaselli is the director of the Centre for Culture, Communication and Media Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal while Professor Raymond Suttner is the head of the Walter and Albertina Sisulu Knowledge and Heritage Unit School for Graduate Studies at the University of South Africa or Unisa in Pretoria.

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