Digital Namibian Archive

Its great to see other Southern African countries, in this case Namibia,  focusing their resources on the preservation of digital heritage.  Indigenous knowledge and oral histories are in danger of dying out with the practitioners who hold this information, while digital preservation in itself opens up possibilities of skills development in areas central to the world economy.

More on the project …
The Digital Namibian Archive (DNA) is an innovative project that brings together international partners to develop a rich digital resource that reflects the diversity of voices and cultural stories of Namibian people to individuals throughout the United Sates, Africa and the world.

This collaborative project, lead jointly by Utah Valley University (UVU) and the Polytechnic of Namibia operating in conjunction with the Namibian National Archive, makes resources available to the public for research and outreach. The digital archive makes accessible on the Internet a rich resource that reflects the diversity of voices and cultural stories of Namibian people.

The urgency driving this project is the aging of individuals who hold the region’s stories of strength, survival and struggle for political self-determination.   These stories may disappear with the passing of elders who hold the oral traditions of the indigenous peoples and the personal stories of individuals who participated in the former South West Africa’s struggle for freedom.

The Digital Namibian Archive will also gather and preserve images of independence, photo negatives of the colonial period, documents of transition, and other artifacts.  The project will gather additional resources on indigenous peoples, former colonisers, the political resistance, and the transition to independence.


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