We are excited at the prospect of working with the Centre for Curating the Archive and the Centre for African Studies at UCT (amongst others) on a groundbreaking new initiative called ‘Curate Africa’. Curate Africa is:

“an online photographic exhibition curated across several themes, including African cities, place and citizenship, trade routes and religion. It takes place in the virtual space of the worldwide web, and seeks to solicit images and participation from photographers using cameras and other visual recording devices, such as mobile phones, across the continent. Curate Africa is a major project of photography and curation, encompassing the whole of Africa. It makes use of new technology to allow for new approaches as to how we think about Africa. It sets out to mark a departure from histories of representation concerned with African people, places and realities.”

The Curate Africa pre-launch was recently held as part of Celebrating Africa @ UCT  for which we developed an initial, informational website. Below is a promotional video for the project. For more information, visit: www.curateafrica.org/what-is-curate-africa

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