The Five Hundred Year Archive

The Five Hundred Year Archive (FHYA) project is the focus of Grant’s post-doctoral research fellowship at the Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative. The FHYA aims to develop and promote understandings of the archival possibilities of materials located both within and outside of institutions and to facilitate their engagement. Project Focus The project team has […]

Hyperlocal website has – surprise, surprise – local users

by Niall McNulty At the beginning of 2013, together with Sabine Marschall from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, we launched a hyperlocal website focused on the community of Inanda, just north of Durban. The website,, aims to become a repository of the culture and heritage of the communities in the area, with the intention of attracting more […]

Gates Foundation Global Libraries Meeting

I am very excited about an event I have been invited to present at next week in Cape Town, the 2013 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) Global Libraries Peer Learning Meeting.  The BMGF’s Global Libraries program supports efforts to supply and maintain free public access to computers and the Internet in ten countries around the world. […]

Hello Internet, do you speak Zulu?

Internet: “Not yet, but I’m learning”. Zulu as an online language There is still a noticeable lack of online content in Zulu, despite the fact that over 11 million South Africans list Zulu as their first language, according to Census 2011, and the fact that Zulu-language newspapers are thriving. With the growth in Internet usage […]