African Commons Workshop

On Thursday I attended the African Commons workshop on Copyright, Access and Digitisation.  It was held at the Phansi Museum in Durban, which is fast becoming one of my favourite places in the city. They now have a coffee shop and live music venue as well as arguable the best collection of functional African art in the country.

The workshop, run by Heather Ford, was very useful.  Heather defined for us what copyright was and how best to use it online.  She also explained what Creative Commons was and what it actually meant when you licensed your content with it.  In a practical, group session we went through the stages involved in drafting a Digital Copyright Strategy, something I found particularly helpful and for which I could see immediate applications in my day-to-day work.

The workshop will be held in Johannesburg and Cape Town later in the month and I would encourage people involved in the heritage industry to attend.  As more and more collections are digitised, copyright becomes an issue we need to navigate through.

Here is a group photograph of us all, with more photographs of the workshop on my Flickr.

African Commons Workshop

African Commons Workshop


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