The Centre for Critical Research on Race and Identity (ccrri) is dedicated to facilitating the study of race-thinking and changing identities so as to improve understanding of, and stimulate public dialogue about, the epistemological, moral, cultural and other bases for perceptions of human diversity and difference. The Centre aims to use South Africa as a complex, multi-layered backdrop to study, and suggest practical solutions to local and global issues of race and identity. Its ultimate goal is to contribute towards social justice and tolerance of human difference, and to confirm and explore that which humans share, in this country and elsewhere.

Centre director Professor Gerhard Mare had collected a number of newspaper clippings over the past fifteen years, categorised into themes around race and identity in South Africa.  These were taking up space in the Centre and could only be used by visiting researchers.  The Centre needed to free up space and make this important resource available to researchers at associated centres around the world.

Working with Patricia Liebetrau, we digitised the newspaper clippings and make them available as PDFs in an online Omeka archive.  A high-res tiff version of the digital clipping was also stored on an external hard-drive for long-term preservation purposes.  The clippings were made available in thematic collections, with Dublin Core meta-information and a folksonomic tagging system.