eNanda Online

We worked with the Cultural and Heritage Tourism Programme at the University of KwaZulu-Natal to develop the eNanda Online website.

This interactive, bilingual site is a reservoir for the rich culture and heritage of Inanda (the Zulu locative is eNanda), a historically unique township outside Durban on the eastern seaboard of South Africa. It will be built up over time by trained volunteers, members of the community, informed outsiders and tourists who have visited Inanda. Anyone can contribute their stories, voice recordings, images or videos in either English or isiZulu.

This site is meant to help preserve memories, traditional heritage and contemporary culture through modern technology, share it with the world and promote it for tourism. Young people are encouraged to interview their elders, taking pictures and videos, including with their mobile phones, while older people can approach the youth to help them record their stories and cultural knowledge.

Visit the website at: www.enanda.co.za.