Grant McNulty – Strategy

Grant has significant experience as a consultant, researcher and project manager, including various positions at University College London and the University of Cape Town (UCT). He is currently a post-doctoral research fellow of the Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative (UCT). He has a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of digital technologies and local knowledge, as well as of the history and post-apartheid transformation of museums, archives and libraries. He has an MA in Zulu (University of KwaZulu-Natal) and a PhD in Social Anthropology (UCT).

    Niall McNulty – Digital Media

    Niall is an award-winning digital media specialist at the forefront of using innovative technologies to record and share African content. As part of McNulty Consulting, he has developed and managed a number of digital projects for local government, academic institutions and other cultural organisations. On behalf of the Ulwazi Programme, he collected an award at the 2012 Telkom Highway Africa New Media Awards in the ‘Community Engagement Through Technology’ category. In 2013, he was invited to speak at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Libraries Peer Learning Meeting. His focus is now on transforming education in Africa through the use of relevant technology. Niall is a 2016 fellow of the Institute for Open Leadership (Creative Commons).


      June Bam-Hutchison – Research & Engagement

      June, who is of Khoisan descent, has extensive experience as a community and stakeholder engagement consultant and an academic researcher. She has consulted to various museums in the United Kingdom, including the British Museum and the International Museum of Slavery in Liverpool as well as the Western Cape government.

      June was the head of the South African History Project and served on the Iziko Museums board and transformation committees for Robben Island and Freedom Park. She also worked as Diversity Manager for the Museum of London Group (UK). June holds a PhD in History Education and has published widely on education and heritage transformation in South Africa.

        Brendan McNulty – Marketing

        Brendan has been working in online environments in Europe and South Africa since 2000. He has run online marketing campaigns for a dieting company in Ireland, worked as the Director of Marketing for Real Networks in the Netherlands and as the General Manager of Games Marketing for News 24 and DSTV Online in South Africa. He is a big fan of the Internet, his family, food and the outdoors.

          Sarah Schäfer – Digital Curation

          Sarah Schäfer has worked as a digital content creator for several years, most notably as a photographer. Digital curation is a space that fascinates and excites Sarah, and she is currently completing her Masters in Digital Curation through the University of Cape Town. Her thesis focuses on digital curation within museums in South Africa, using the Owl House as a case study.

          With a thorough understanding of digital media and formats, as well as a sound background in narrative journalism, photography and music, Sarah’s skillset is well suited to digital curation. Recent involvement in the field has included the Google Cultural Institute’s ‘We Wear Culture’ online exhibition.